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Explore the ministry opportunities for your children at Legacy Church

Kids Ministry at Legacy Church

At Legacy Church our kids (3 months through 6th grade) experience safe, age-appropriate environments where they learn about Jesus in a creative and relevant way.


We would love to see you and your family visit L-Kids.

Your First Visit

Here's what to expect whenvisiting L-Kids for the first time:

First, find the computer checkin station in the lobby. There we will meet your family, check your child into our system, and then one of our volunteers will show you where your child's age appropriate room is located.

Upon checking in for the first time, we will ask for the following personal information (NOTE: We value your privacy and will not share this information with anyone):


  • Parent/guardian name(s)

  • Home address

  • Phone number

  • Child's name

  • Child's birthdate

  • Child's school/grade

  • Any special instructions (allergies, special needs) for your children


You make this process much easier by registering your kids/students before you arrive! When filling out the form (by clicking the button below), just be sure to put the child/student name where it says "Your Name". You will also need to fill out the form for each child you're registering.

How Check-in Works

Before Service: You can check-in your child at our check in station in the lobby. After finding your child’s name in the database, you and your child will be given matching name tags that are exclusive to your family and your visit. Your child will need to wear the name tag portion while you hold on to the matching tag.


After Service: After the service is complete, you will return to your child’s room and show your tag in order for your child to be released back to you.


During Service: In the event that we need to contact you during the service, your child’s identification code will appear on the screen. We ask that you exit the auditorium immediately and look for a staff member or volunteer who will direct you to your child’s room.











Loop (4-6 grade)

What is Loop?

Loop is our student class that meets on Sunday mornings for those in 4th - 6th grade!


Loop is designed to help kids discover who God is and find confidence in who they are in Him.

When does Loop meet?

Loop students will meet every Sunday morning unless you're directed otherwise. Students will be part of our normal worship service and then they will be dismissed to their designated room (with our other classes) before the message.


Our loop students will return to their seat with their parent before service ends! No need to pick them up from their classroom.


Any 6th grade student can also join all of our Legacy Youth functions.

Do I need to check- in my Loop age student when I arrive at church?

Yes! If you've never checked into our system before, we do need some information from you about your student! With this information in our system, we'll be able to check your kids in before service begins on Sunday mornings!

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