Updated: Dec 21, 2018

This day’s reading: Matthew 9:36, Matthew 14:14, Romans 12:10, 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Thank You for compassion that gives me a heart for others.

Sometimes people act in ways that can be difficult to manage. One of the last things that we may feel during difficult times of loving others is compassion. We have busy lives and we can often focus on our needs while overlooking the needs of those around us. Jesus was a great example of how to respond to people who are difficult. He had compassion for them. God has given each of us the ability to love others in difficult times. We are His hands and feet in this world and He wants to fill us with compassion to reach out to those around us who need God. Who are those people that God has put in your life that may feel like an inconvenience? It could be that God has placed them there so that you can have compassion for them and show them His love. Let’s ask God today to give us hearts that are sensitive to those around us.

Prayer - God, I thank You today for the compassion that You have shown to me. I ask You that you help me to have a heart of compassion for those that You have surround me with in my life. Show me those people in my life today that you want me to reach. Give me the courage to take that step of bold obedience to do what You are leading me to do. In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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